Hotel in Callao Salvaje

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The proposal consists of the development of a 175-unit hotel complex in a plot in front of the beach, in the municipality of Adeje, south coast of Tenerife. The plot’s orientation and the existing slope allow us to distribute the rooms in such a way they all have sea views and La Gomera views in the background.


The organization of form in the proposal uses trays that, simulating a topography, adjust to the terrain searching for the best views of the Atlantic Ocean.


The main body contains the reception, common areas and Wellness & Spa centre. There are three floors of standard rooms on this level, all of which have private terrace and sea views. On the top floor, there are pools and solarium which offer the best views.


The other two bodies of rooms are distributed on a single floor. They are adjusted to the topography and contain premium accommodation. These bigger rooms have private terrace and the best sea views.


The chosen materials, dry stone, fair-faced concrete with various finishes, wood and glass, and the white finish of the trays, are representative of the honesty of the architecture and contribute in the hotel new look meets the current standards of modern architecture.


Adeje, Tenerife


Private customer




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