Auditorio de Tenerife Lighting

Engineering, Public

Makin Molowny Portela develops projects in which engineering plays a key role from the very beginning. This work methodology is a fixed value in the studio. We look for the best combination between architectural solutions and installations that all projects require.


The studio, formed by a team of qualified engineers who are committed to the project’s idea, takes care of every last detail of the sewerage, plumbing, HVAC, telecommunication and low-voltage installations, in order to achieve excellence.

Engineering, Public

Makin Molowny Portela studies and designs installations not only to equip all projects with the appropriate requirements according to their end use, but to foster the virtues of the architectural proposal without undermining the quality of the designed product.


The studio develops projects for both public and private customers. It operates on iconic buildings with the necessary care that this requires.