36 apartments in Abades

Architecture, Residential

Makin Molowny Portela develops integral architectural projects for both the construction of new buildings and refurbishments. The studio pays special attention to interior design and takes care of every last detail during the design of the project and in the construction stage.

Location, functional specifications and other relations between context and product are fixed values that permanently and recurrently influence the development of all projects.

A highly-skilled multidisciplinary team, motivated and work committed, sees that every stage, of both the project and its execution, is developed according to the care and rigour the studio is known for.

Architecture, Residential

Makin Molowny Portela develops single and multi-residential projects, paying special attention to the context where they will be located and taking care of both the external appearance of the building and the details that define its interior.

The search for the better architectural solution is a fixed value in all the projects developed by the studio.