Building of 34 Subsidized Apartments, Stores and Garages

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This project was possible thanks to winning the 1st prize in a competition of ideas organized by VIVIRE, public housing Company of Los Realejos Town Hall.


The proposal consisted of developing a public space, a residential building, event halls reserved for neighbours and a public parking under the square, in the area known as La Cruz Santa, in Los Realejos, north of Tenerife.


We propose the development of a 34-unit apartment building that has two and three bedroom apartments that face the proposed public space. The event halls reserved to neighbours are located on the building’s ground floor so there is empty space on the square surface.


The public parking is built under the square. This one is designed to be a flexible space that serves to host the municipality’s celebrations and events. Over the square, there is a cross-shaped pergola with plants that lets in natural light depending on the time of the year and that serves to host different activities.


Los Realejos, Tenerife


Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Los Realejos