Mare Verde Park

The proposal was designed for a competition of ideas and consists of the development of an urban park in a surface of 27,000 m2 in the south of the island. A new space for entertainment in the municipality of Adeje.


We proposed a space that can host different leisure, artistic and cultural activities and a multi-purpose area that can host the municipality’s weekly market. A proposal without limits, with a diffuse perimeter that is part of the city and at the same time part of the open space, which incorporates the park as a qualified element of the urban fabric


The park is organized in various areas: edge, internal landscapes, routes and accesses.


In short, a place for rest, contemplation, sports, culture and for the meeting of people from all over the world. All of these happens on a topography that generates the programme of uses, with the sea and La Gomera island in the background.


Adeje, Tenerife


SPET Turismo de Tenerife, S.A.




Public space