El Convento Park

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The project was possible thanks to winning the1st prize in a competition of public ideas organized by Hermigua Town Hall in La Gomera.


The location and study of the traditional agriculture of this region of the island, in which land is organized in terraces along the sloped plane, serve as guiding principles for developing the proposal.


A public garden area with various native plant species, shadow areas, recreational areas for various age groups and a multi-purpose area that would serve to host the famous Hermigua market and different events that take place during the year. The proposal’s purpose is to transform a public space into a meeting point for neighbours and tourists. A new tourist attraction for this cosmopolitan municipality of La Gomera.


 Right from the start, we took into consideration the close and distant view of the park and its proper integration in the agricultural landscape, resulting from the stone finish of the walls and the disposition of the walks as island paths.


 The volcanic plugs of Pedro y Pedra play a leading role in the new public space as part of the landscape.


Hermigua, La Gomera


Ayto. de Hermigua




Highlights, Public space