Santiago Puig Avenue

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Santiago Puig Av. is a 400 m long road in the municipality of Arona, south of Tenerife, that connects Arquitecto Gómez Cuesta Av. and Rafael Puig Av.


The proposal’s purpose is to improve and refurbish the avenue taking into consideration the current needs of both vehicles and pedestrians. The gardens are relocated for a better transversal and longitudinal communication in the avenue. The adequate sections are introduced according to the type of road. The requirements for this kind of public spaces in tourist areas are also taken into consideration with special attention to their adequacy to the environment.


We propose a tree-lined street as a calm promenade between planters that, imitating islands in the middle of the path, integrate the big existing trees providing pedestrians with shadow to rest on the benches that were located under them.


The proposed bike line is located between the pedestrian area and the tree-lined promenade, away from vehicles. It has the necessary size for its correct functioning and a continuous pavement for a proper use.


All pavement and gardens are finished with a natural stone boundary line that delimits every feature inside the ensemble.


Arona, Tenerife


SPET Turismo de Tenerife, S.A.




Public space