Hotel XQ El Palacete

The project consists of refurbishing and creating a new look for Hotel XQ El Palacete in Fuerteventura.


The intervention focuses on performing a room refurbishment, upgrading rooms to premium category. It also consists of performing a reception refurbishment and outdoor spaces improvement.


The hotel has a privileged location. It opens onto the sea, in one of the best beaches in the Morro Jable region, in the south of the island. Its location and the transparency of the waters along the coast of this part of the island, give us the guiding principles perform the refurbishment. We open all rooms to the sea, searching for the best views and eliminating what interferes with both near and distant landscapes.


Glass, sand-coloured stone, woods and furniture, which was customized for the intervention, are the main features that define the hotel new look.


Pájara, Fuerteventura


Hotel XQ El Palacete




Highlights, Turistic