Londres Street

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Londres Street, located in the municipality of Adeje, south of Tenerife, is a local residential road that goes along the coast and has a length of 835 m and a 5% land inclination. It connects Plaza del Duque commercial area with Roma street.


The proposal considers pedestrian circulation as a priority at the expense of car traffic. Parking places are adjusted to pedestrian needs, enabling a proper transversal and longitudinal circulation.


The intervention aims to improve urban road functioning by adjusting car and pedestrian traffic. It pays special attention to the accessibility of the area in order to facilitate the circulation of people with reduced mobility.


Finally, we study the adjustment and cohesion of equipment and services for achieving the connection and improvement of the different social components of the tourist space.


Adeje, Tenerife


SPET Turismo de Tenerife, S.A.




Public space