86 Apartments in Abades

The proposal consists of developing an 86-unit residential complex, called Nivaria Beach II, in a region of the south coast of Tenerife. It is composed by 24 one-bedroom apartments and 62 two-bedroom apartments.


The plot’s topography and the proposal’s orientation make possible that most of the apartments have sea views in spite of not being in the waterfront. This fact, along with the utilisation of native vegetation and the location within an arid area of the municipality of Arico, provides unique appeal to the apartments.


The central area inside the residential complex is presented as an oasis where water and high palms play a significant role in offering residents the moments of relax and entertainment the customer desired for them.


Dragos, acebuches, Canary palm trees, strawberry trees and Canary Island spurges are incorporated into the project and provide the native character we understand the proposal should have.


Abades, Tenerife


Private customer




Highlights, Residential, Turistic