Óscar Pérez Barrios Football Field

The project consists of the full renovation of the sports facilities of the Óscar Pérez Barrios football field, in Valle San Lorenzo, municipality of Arona, south of Tenerife.


We propose a new two-level lineal piece, with separate dressing rooms for teams, dressing room for referees, gymnasium, laundry room, infirmary room and a cafeteria on the ground floor. Press and conference rooms are located on the top floor for the best views of the field.


The stands, with an awning that provides the sports venue with a new look, are intended for improving fans comfort.


The new look of the football field is formalized by fair-faced concrete, wood, steel and glass. These materials meet the value and quality requirements that are today expected.


Valle San Lorenzo, Tenerife


Ayuntamiento de Arona